Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater | Portable Water Heater(updated)

The L5 Portable Water Heater is the best-selling original portable water heater on the market. Infinitely hot water with L5 instant wherever you are. This model is ideal for camping, hunting lodges, emergency applications, cabins, and even around the house. The L5 is also ideal for cleaning cars and boats, as well as pets and livestock.

The L5 is rated at 1.5 gallons per minute and requires two “D” batteries to power on. This is ideal for off-the-grid environments and areas where power is not available. This model requires a minimum flow rate of 1/2 gallon per minute to power on and operate, and features an adjustable manual water temperature knob to set the unit to 80-120 degrees to end the water temperature. I am.

The L5 includes a CSA regulator (used with a standard 20-pound propane grill tank), a garden hose adapter that fits a standard garden hose nozzle, an on / off control showerhead, and a 6-foot shower hose. The L5 Instant Water Heater has a nominal output of 37,500 BTU, is a liquid propane unit for outdoor use, and comes with a one-year warranty.

A Safe Way to Operate a Portable Water Heater

Eccotemp is proud to manufacture products that are affordable, convenient, and safe for all our customers around the world. As summer is approaching, let’s take a quick look at some safe practices and general updates on how to use your portable drive safely.

  • Connect the inlet and outlet water connections
  • Importance of using Teflon tape for connection
  • The secure connection between gas line and regulator
  • Device usage
  • How to check for gas leaks using the soapy water methodSafe Way to Operate a Portable Tankless  Water Heater

 Let’s focus on gas leak control and what it means.

Warning About Gas Line Adapter

The Eccotemp L5 and Eccotemp L10 heaters include a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter in the hardware package for attaching the LP pipe to the heater.

This adapter must be installed with the thread sealant, which is a roll of tape included in the water heater.

You may need to wrap the pipe tape multiple times to ensure a perfect seal.

Always check for gas leaks before using the heater.

Check for gas leaks before turning on the water heater. Use soapy water to check all gas fittings and connections. The presence of air bubbles in the connection indicates a leak that needs to be fixed. When you sniff a gas leak, try to sniff it near the ground.

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Keep your portable water heater!

As winter comes, be sure to keep it indoors when not in use. Insects that invade the inside of the heat exchanger and various external and variable elements can accumulate and prevent the flame from escaping vertically. As a result, she tried to escape in the other direction. Therefore, the flame can escape from the front and sides of the heater.

The following example shows how to leave the portable heater outdoors.Keep your portable Tankless water heater! Keep your portable Tankless water heater! Keep your portable Tankless water heater! Keep your portable Tankless water heater!

8 Tips for Improving Outdoor Camping

It’s my favorite summer activity since I was a kid. My family has pop-ups and every summer we upload things and travel to various state parks. We visited various parts of New York such as Letch worth, Lake George, and Watertown, and made memories together.

Everyone became a fan in just a few weeks when they first went camping. Every summer, they look forward to hiking with extended families on both sides. They make the same memories we had with our dad and I like a kid with their cousins ​​and camping friends. I’m really happy to know that one day my kids might do the same.

Lots of camping options, lots of things to do in New York

Adirondack Park is a dream of nature lovers but dangerous

I am preparing for my first camping trip this season. As with any family vacation, there are many foundations. Preparation is important, so I wanted to share some camp tips that have helped us over the years.

1.Store the device in a clear plastic container

Label them accordingly. There is a basket for kitchen utensils and extension baskets, clotheslines, and lanterns. There are still ones for bed linen and towels. Everything has a house and you can easily find it. It is also useful for camping and off-season storage.

Store the device in a clear plastic container

2. Use the handwashing station.(hand washing station for covid-19)

We don’t always have the convenience of a nearby sink. To avoid problems, we installed a hand-washing station directly at the campsite. Place a 2-liter jug ​​with a spout and a bottle of hand soap on the folding table next to the tent. Then attach a plastic hook to the side of the jug and place a towel on it for easy washing by your baby.Use the hand washing station

3. Think about beach hacks

The beach needs a little attention if the child is towing. There is sand everywhere. Staying sane in the sand can be more complicated than lighting a bonfire in a wet match. Here are some of the things we have learned over the years:Think about beach hacks

  •  Use a wide sheet to keep sand out of the item. Place a towel on the sand and a heavy object such as a beach bag or cooler bag in the corner. Drag the adjusted corners onto the object to create a pseudo box. It keeps the sand away from your belongings and can also be used as a makeshift playpen for toddlers.
  • Store your phone in the quarter zipper bag. If you’re like me, you’re always using your phone to take pictures of your kids. The downside is that sand and water can ruin your phone. However, it stays clean and functional when placed in a zippered pocket.
  • Use a mesh laundry bag to store sand toys. You can get one with a drawstring purse at the discount store. When the kids have finished using the beach toys, put them all in their bags. Shake well. After drying, the sand will fall out of the toy and come out of the bag.

Talcum powder is your friend. Put the bottle in your beach bag and spray it on all your feet and feet when you’re done on the beach. Dust helps the sand loosen much easier and leaves less dirt elsewhere.

4. Use Foam Tiles as Flooring

I’m in a tent, but that doesn’t mean I’m sleeping on the floor. We have air mattresses for everyone, but there is a risk of damage on this floor as well. For a little more protection and comfort, we’ve placed interlocking foam tiles in the tent. This is also useful for rocks and undulating terrain.

5. Try a Multipurpose Water  Jug

For additional lighting, take the spotlight and place it on a jug. Making an instant lantern will brighten a lot of space.

Freeze some pitchers/water bottles before you leave. Use them at the bottom of your fridge instead of ice cubes to keep things cold. You will have drinking water when they melt.

6. Keep Away From Tent Poles

Here are some simple ideas to prevent your family from tripping over big events and ropes.Keep Away From Tent Poles

  • Take the pool noodles and cut them from one end to the other. Put the pasta on the string that secures the curtain. This makes it easier to see even in the dark.
  •  Add lights to each tent pole. Glow sticks are a good way to go, but they are useless because you need something new every night. Instead, take half a dozen solar lights from the discount store and throw them to the ground next to each pole.

7. Invest in shoe organizers

Sure, it’s great for storing shoes, but it can also store a variety of other things. Keep your family’s toothbrushes, shampoos, and other toiletries clean. You can also store kitchen utensils, sunscreen, cups, napkins, flashlights, charging cables, and other items that may not be a good home elsewhere.

8. Prepare a to-do list

It took years to create and rewrite the camp list before it was clever and saved on the mobile phone for future use. This year, skip the pen and paper and put the list on your computer or phone. This should include not only what you pack at home, but also what you normally need to buy on your camping trip. Keeping your list in a safe place can save you a lot of hassle, not to mention remembering that you forget it every year.

9. Take a hot shower with a portable water heater

The Eccotemp series of portable instant water heaters make it easy to take a hot shower anytime, anywhere. Due to its reasonable price and ease of use, the portable Tankless water heater can be conveniently plugged into a standard 20 lb propane tank and your own water source. You can have hot water or a hot shower to wash the dishes in a few minutes!

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