how many amps does a tankless water heater use? (2021)

How many amp use tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters are great because they don’t occupy a lot of storage space (only one-third of a 10-gallon tank), but mainly to save energy and fuel. Instant water heaters use much less fuel and water because they provide hot water when needed.

Regardless of the unit type (gas or electricity) you choose, tankless water heaters can save 30% to 50% by reducing energy costs.

How many amps does a water heater need?

You really need to play your part before choosing between a gas water heater and a tankless electric water heater. Electric tankless devices are perfect for your home, although gas models may be more suitable for your family.

It is clear that the demand for electricity differs from the demand for electric units, as gas-powered units operate on gas (propane or natural gas). Read below for more information.

How many amps does a tankless electric water heater need?

For instant water heaters without tanks that consume fuel only when they come in contact with hot water, it makes sense to use less fuel and energy. A regular electric water heater without a tank requires at least 120 amps to operate, and the average home has a total capacity of 200 amps.

The following facts should be considered when deciding to use a tankless electric water heater:

Voltage: Many brands manufacture devices that accept 110V, 120V, 208V, 220V, 240V, or 277V.

Amperage: Different tankless electrical units have different power requirements. In any case, you always need to make sure that your home can withstand the electricity demands of your water heater.

Automatic switch: It is important to have one or more circuits to control the electric water heater. Sometimes it may be necessary to install a water heater in the circuit.

tankless water heater
tankless water heater

How many amps does a gas tankless water heater use?

If you are using a gas model, you should consider your ventilation requirements and check your current gas line. Some manufacturers offer gas emission “kits” that need to be procured for proper installation.

In terms of amperage, gasless instant water heaters require only minimal electrical connections. You should check the model installation requirements at the time of purchase.

Please give me an example to deepen your understanding.

There are many models of gas and electric water heaters to choose from, so it is helpful to give an idea of ​​what you can find there. A 24kW electric unit with an output of 3.3GPM and a temperature rise of 50 degrees. The groundwater temperature is 55 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature at 3.3 GPM is 105 degrees Celsius.

The manufacturer claims that the device requires maintenance of at least 300 amps. You will need a 240V 100A power supply, two 60A circuit breakers, and two copper conductor installation numbers. 6. Even with a 300 amp service panel, it should be stated that the device is not a light load.

36kW unit with the same specifications with a rating of 4.9RPM: 50 degrees rise, 105 degrees outlet temperature.

Get a rating of 4.9 gallons, 150 amps of power at 240 volts, three # 6 conductors, and three 60 amp switches. For the elderly, the power supply needs to be updated before installing the water heater. Not all upgrades are expensive, but many of them are complex and run out of wallets.

Unfortunately, the average water heater requires at least 120 amps to work, and the average household has a total capacity of 200 amps.

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