How Many Watts Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

Electric tankless water heaters require a large amount of electricity when running. Surprisingly, they are very energy efficient and economical. We will look into exactly how much electricity does a tankless water heater use by using the power equation P = I * V and cost equation Cost = kWh * t (h).

How Many Watts Does A Tankless Water Heater Use
How Many Watts Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

We will also look into some examples of how costly it is to run 8 kW – 30 kW tankless heaters at 100% heating output.

  • The average cost for a small 8 kW heater is approximately $1.06 per hour. On average, between $18.55 and $69.03 for a 4 person family.
  • Per year. Between $222, 60 and $831, 60 (more in the table below), with an average for a 4 person family of $527,10 per year.

Heating water is one of the most power hungry processes. Tankless heaters heat up the water in seconds (15 seconds from cold to hot water). To achieve that, we need an incredible amount of electricity.

Most American households use less than 41 gallons of water per day. 24% – 34% is quite a lot of energy savings. Electricity-wise, tankless water heaters are a smart financial investment.

Do you know how many watts it takes to run your water heater? Water heaters use power to run the system. This is usually a fixed amount of power, and it should be an exact figure. If you’re unsure of what wattage your water heater uses, you can usually find that out by looking under your water pipe.


A tankless water heater is a relatively new type of water heater, and it has become extremely popular in recent years. Tankless water heaters are a great way to save money on your utility bills and also to save the environment. Unlike regular water heaters, tankless water heaters don’t need to be filled up with water from the main water supply. Instead, they use a different kind of tank, which is filled with a liquid called hot water.

Can I use electric heaters at the same time as gas heaters?

Electric heaters and gas heaters are two very different types of heating devices. And while they can be used at the same time, it is important to know the differences between them so you don’t burn yourself. When converting from gas to electric heating, gas heaters need to be shut off first. This means that a person will have to wait at least 15 minutes for the electric heater to cool down. This can be a problem if you have a small apartment or garage.

If you run a restaurant, then you know that sometimes a gas stove is not enough to keep your customers warm. You might have to run the same electric heater all day. This is something which can be easily avoided using a proper cooktop which uses electric heaters. By using a cooktop that uses gas heaters, you can run your electric heaters at the same time without having to worry about the temperatures being too hot.

You can use electric heaters at the same time as gas heaters for cooking, but you should choose to do so only when you’re ready to use electric heaters. This means that you should only use electric heaters when you are planning to cook in a specific area. There are different types of electric heaters and it is important not to use them where there is no gas provided. When you are planning to cook near a window, you should use a gas heater.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Tankless Water Heater?

There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to run an electric water heater. One of the most obvious reasons being that they are very expensive to operate. The cost of electricity ranges from $120-385 a month, which is a big chunk of change. It’s also important to remember that electric water heaters are not entirely eco-friendly. They require a lot of maintenance and care, and the final bill for that cost can be hard to swallow.


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