How to Turn ON Water Heater | How to Light a Gas Water Heater (2021)

Whether you are using an electric water heater or a gas water heater, you can turn it on without contacting a specialist.

For electric water heaters, you need to find and turn on the circuit breaker, but for gas water heaters, you need to ignite the pilot flame. One of the most important steps is to make sure that the water heater is completely filled with water before starting the water heater.

Make sure the water tank is full

Close the water supply and gas valve or circuit breaker.

Turn the gas valve “off” or make sure the switch that protects the circuit breaker’s water heater is off. To shut off the water supply, turn the valve on the cold water supply pipe that enters the tank (usually from above).

  • Water heater switches must be labeled. If not, turn off the main power.Make sure the water tank is full

Drain the tank, clean it out

To empty the water tank, connect a hose to the bottom of the tank where the faucet is located. Choose a hose long enough to reach a nearby floor drain, sink, or yard. Then open the drain valve on the water tank to start the drainage process. Open the hot water tap near the tank to speed up the drainage and keep track of progress. Reopen the cold water supply valve to remove residue and excess minerals from the tank.

  • Pour cold water through the drain valve for 5-10 minutes.
  • For newly installed tanks, cleaning can be skipped. Do not connect the hose or open the drain valve. Use nearby tap water to make sure the tank is full. A sign of stable water flows without splashing water.

With the water supply open, close the drain valve.

 When the tank has been flushed and clean water comes out of the hose, close the drain valve and remove the hose. The water tank is now full again. Keep the faucet on the nearby faucet open to allow air to escape while the tank is filled with water.water supply open, close the drain valve

Keep checking for open hot water taps nearby.

 With your water heater, you will know when your tank is full. As soon as you see and hear the smooth and comfortable flow of water from the tap, the water heater fills up. If you are stuttering, it means that the tank is still draining air. You can turn off the tap as soon as it flows smoothly

Turn on the gas supply or circuit breaker

 You can turn on the water heater when the tank is full. When handling gas, the gas valve when you are ready to turn on the pilot light. Turn on the circuit breaker of the electric water heater again.

Start modern gas water heater

  • Set the temperature and on/off controls to the correct settings. Set the temperature control to the lowest setting before starting the water heater. The on/off control must be set to the “Pilot” setting.
  • If you smell gas or rotten eggs, do not proceed until you contact the gas company. There is a possibility of gas leakage.
  • Press down on the pilot’s ignition button while starting the spark. Hold down the ignition button and press the spark generator. This creates a spark visible through a small glass window that indicates that the modeling light is on.
  • Press and hold the pilot’s ignition button for 20-30 seconds. Do not release the pilot’s ignition button after seeing the sparks. Press and hold the button for 20-30 seconds to allow it to warm up and then release it.
  • If it does not ignite after 30 seconds, you may need to throttle the spark generator every 10 seconds until it ignites correctly.
  • Switch the controller on and switch the temperature to the desired setting. Set the on / off control to “on”. Then set the temperature to the desired temperature. Most people set it to 49 °C. At this point, you should be able to see the flame through a small glass window.

Ignition of Old Gas Water Heater

  • Lower the temperature and on/off control to the “Pilot” setting. Set the temperature as low as possible before igniting the gas. Turn the control valve “off” and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the valve can be set to “pilot”.
  • If you smell rotten eggs, please contact the gas company. This may indicate that there is a gas leak.Ignition of Old Gas Water Heater
  • If applicable, remove the access cover. The water heater may have internal and external access panels that need to be removed. In that case, pull out the access panel to access the indicator light. Access doors are usually pulled out.control to the setting
  • Press and hold the pilot button on the water heater. Press and hold the pilot button to start the water heater. If your model does not have a specific pilot button, press and hold the on / off control.Press and hold the pilot button on the water heater
  • Light the pilot with a long neck lighter. Find a small silver pipe that connects to the gas control valve-this is the pilot supply pipe. Follow the silver pipe to the end and illuminate the pilot with a long neck lighter.Light the pilot with a long neck lighter
  • Press and hold the pilot button for 20-30 seconds, then release. After turning on the pilot, press and hold the button for 20-30 seconds. Press and hold the pilot button for 20-30 seconds   When the time runs out, you can slowly let go, but the pilot remains.
  •   When the modeling light goes out, turn the light back on and press and hold the modeling button longer than last time.
  • If applicable, replace the access door. When your water heater has access panels, you will need to replace them. If you forget it, a pool of gas can cause a sudden flame leak through the opening, resulting in serious injury.If applicable, replace the access door
  • ON / OFF and temperature control to correct settings. Set the on/off control to the “on” position and set the temperature control to the desired setting-49 ° C (120 ° F) is recommended. After setting the controls, you need to turn on the water heater.temperature turn on

Switch on an electric or tankless water heater

  • After filling the switch of the hot water tank with water, turn it on. For electric water heaters, you need to find and turn on the circuit breaker that controls the heater. If the switch is not labeled, look for a 2-pole switch with the same rating as the heater. Just turn on the switch to turn on the electric water heater.
  • The amplifier should label the water tank.switch of the hot water tank with water, turn it on
  • Wait a few hours for the water tank to warm up. It takes several hours for the water heater to heat up completely. Therefore, tap it on and check it regularly to make sure it is warming up. The recommended temperature is 49 ° C.Wait a few hours for the water tank to warm up
  • Please turn off the gas before turning on the water heater. It is important to turn off the gas before starting the water heater. You need to activate the corresponding switch or press the switch to turn on the instant water heater.turn off the gas before turning on the water heater
  • Check the temperature and turn on the gas in the water heater. After turning on the power, you can set the temperature with the temperature controller. Temperature controllers are often digital. Turn on the gas supply and you’re done!
  • Instant water heaters operate when needed, so water is heated only when it needs to be used.
  • These water heaters do not have tanks, so they do not need to be filled with water.

Start modern gas water heater

How to light a gas water heater 

If the water does not warm up, the water heater indicator may be off. Powering a water heater is easy, regardless of type.

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Most new models of gas water heaters have a simple ignition switch. The water heater turns on in just a few steps, no problem. However, if you move to an old house, you may have a water heater that needs to be turned on manually. How to turn on both types of water heaters.turn on gas water heater


Do you have a manual water heater?

There is an easy way to determine if you have an automatic or manual gas water heater. Check the box that sticks out from the side of the water heater and has two different dials. For automatic, there is a small power button next to the large on / off / pilot wheel. In the case of manuals, there is no button.

The on / off / pilot button is usually at the top of the box and the temperature button is on the side. This automatic water heater has a green power switch next to the on / off / pilot dial.

How to turn on the automatic water heater

The first step is to first look for the button labeled On / Off / Pilot to turn off the throttle. It is advisable to turn the knob to the off position past the pilot. Discharge the gas accumulated in the system for 5 minutes.

Now is the time to begin the process of enlightenment. Set the water heater control to low and the on / off / pilot control to pilot. Then hold down the ignition button and lower the on / off / pilot knob. Release the ignition button, but press and hold the pilot button for about 30 seconds. You should hear “his” when the gas is turned on.

If you remove the door under the ignition box, there is a window that you can use to see if there is a flame. When turned on, the door is turned on again, the pilot knob is turned on, and the water temperature knob is turned from low to the desired setting. If it does not light up, you need to start over immediately to prevent gas buildup.

How to turn on the manual water heater

To turn on this type of water heater, it is recommended to use a long barbecue lighter. Otherwise, it will be a little difficult to reach the pilot.

First, remove the plate under the box with the dial on the side of the heater. There may be an internal panel that needs to slide aside. After that, you will see one or more pipes leading to the burner.

Then turn the knob on the box labeled On / Off / Pilot Past Pilot to the Off position. Then wait 5 minutes for the remaining gas to dissipate. Set the water temperature selector to low and the on / off / pilot selector to pilot. Hold down the on / off / pilot button with one hand and turn on the grill lighter with the other hand.

At the end of the tube, quickly hold the grill lighter near the burner. The flame should ignite immediately. Press and hold the pilot knob for approximately 30 seconds, then turn the knob from pilot to on. Finally, put the plate back in the hole in the burner and set the water temperature knob to the desired temperature.

Important: If the burner does not ignite within a few seconds, restart the process. If you try it for a long time, gas may accumulate and explode.

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