How Much Does It Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost (2021)

Tankless Water heater installation costs are an essential part of the piping system of residential and commercial buildings. Increasingly, consumers are turning to instantaneous water heaters for their many advantages. These types of heaters only heat the water used instead of continuously heating and storing the water. There are two basic ways to use one.

Some models, called single point units, are installed near water sources and are quite inexpensive to purchase and install. The entire unit is more expensive, but it heats all of the water in your home at once.

The average cost to install a water heater is anywhere from $ 2,500 to $ 4,500, and the average customer pays $ 2,808 for a unit of gas for the whole house.

Tankless water heater installation cost

The cost of installing a water heater without a tank, as well as its function and capacity, vary greatly depending on the heating model. For example, solar and propane-1 water heaters cost more on average than simple electric heaters. Labor and material costs can be high or low in some states, so your current location can also have a significant impact on pricing. Enter your zip code in the tankless water dispenser calculator to get an estimated average price for a Water Heater Installation Cost and high and low offers.

Whole house versus single point water heater

There are basically two types of heating: single point and the whole house. Which one you choose depends on several factors, such as the price and the number of family members.

Single point instantaneous water heater

The single point tankless unit can be installed inside or outside a building near the water consumption. If an electric heater is used, it can be installed within 50 feet of a nearby power source (220 volts typically required). This means that all water sources require instant water heaters. For example, if you have two bathrooms and a dishwasher, you will need three units unless all three locations are close enough together. Each unit price is approximately $ 150.Single point tankless

Water heater throughout the house

Water Heater Installation Cost throughout the house is near the outside walls to access the gas unit’s vents. However, the placement is flexible. In this case, one device can use several bathrooms and one dishwasher at the same time. The most important thing is to buy a unit that can handle the amount that takes into account the needs of a particular family. Expect at least $ 1,000.Water Heater cost through out the house


It is important to remember the amount of water that can be heated by the tankless system (0.5 to 2 gallons per minute for a single point heater, 5 to 10 gallons per minute for an entire household unit). This is important when considering which system is right for the building. In a house where several people are bathing, the washing machine is running, and the dishwasher may be running, not all of these items can be used together in one unit. You need to install multiple units or use a water source at a time.

One water heater is sufficient for most single-family homes and several bathers or washing machines and dishwashers can run at the same time. In some small apartments, however, single point heating may be sufficient. Both options should be considered to determine which one suits your needs.

Cost of the water heater using the method of hot water supply

As we discussed earlier, there are two main types of water heaters, but there are also different ways to power them.

Cost of a tankless Electric Water Heater Installation Cost

This type is common and one of the most popular options for homeowners. It requires minimal maintenance and only electricity, so it’s environmentally friendly. Installation costs for tankless electric water heaters range from $ 450 to $ 1,000.

Costs for instantaneous water heaters without natural gas

Instantaneous water heaters without natural gas are widespread and ideal for cold climates. Homeowners don’t have to buy oil or pay higher electricity bills. Another benefit is the fact that, unlike oil, it is odorless and environmentally friendly. A natural gas water heater installation is typically anywhere from $ 450 to $ 2,000.

Propane Water Heater Installation Cost

 Propane water heaters are cheaper than oil and electricity, so they can be cheaper than other options in terms of initial investment and maintenance. In addition, propane water heaters last longer than other types and are usually cheaper to repair. It costs $ 500 to $ 1,000 to install a tankless propane water heater.

Water heater without an oil tank

Instantaneous water heaters are not available everywhere. However, there are many advantages. The ability to heat large amounts of water, faster heating of the water, and greater energy efficiency. This option is slightly more expensive than the other options and ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000.

Instantaneous water heater Installation Cost

We recommend a solar water heater in sunny locations. It’s easy to maintain and quiet, but it’s expensive to install and repair for the first time. The main benefit of offsetting installation and repair costs is that it is probably one of the most environmentally friendly options. The average water heater installation cost is between $ 2,000 and $ 7,000.

Price for water heater by brand

As with most devices, there are many brands to choose from. Of course, some are cheaper, but they can be exorbitant for others. As always, buyers need to consider all aspects of their choices, not just cost.

Costs for Bosch instantaneous water heaters

Bosch was founded in Germany in 1886 and has a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality and technically advanced products. The company’s products are currently sold in more than 150 countries. Bosch instantaneous water heaters are available in electric and gas versions. Thats products are reliable, but not as popular as some products, particularly Navien and Linnea. Bosch prices range from $ 140 to $ 800 for the electric model and $ 1,050 to $ 2,250 for the gas model.

Rheem tankless water heater costs

You’ve probably heard from Rheem about air conditioning. The company was founded in Emeryville, California in 1925. The largest manufacturer of hot water products. Your instantaneous water heaters ensure continuous hot water, save bills, are also available in the EcoNet Wi-Fi system, and inform you about maintenance work, automatic water shutdown in the event of a leak, and mobile temperature control. I will do that. Rheem offers models for gas ($ 670 to $ 1,950) and electrical ($ 170 to $ 575).

Black and Decker instant water heater

Black and Decker only produce electric water heaters. There aren’t many reviews for this product online, and it isn’t listed in the top 10 reviews for water heaters. It’s only available on electricity, so the cost is anywhere from $ 200 to $ 550.

Marey water heater

Founded in 1955 by Mariano Reyes, the company originated in Puerto Rico and later expanded to the continental United States and around the world. It’s a cheaper product with electricity from $ 190 to $ 550 and gas from $ 300 to $ 1,500. But don’t let the low prices fool you as these water heaters are so reliable. You can buy gas or electric stoves. Economy heaters are not recommended in cold weather.

Cost of the AO Smith instantaneous water heater

AO Smith has a cheap and proline line. The company only produces gasless water heaters without a tank. The economy line has several economic models with just one heat exchanger. Proline has two heat exchangers. One is made of commercially available copper and the other is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. All water heaters have a 15-year guarantee on the heat exchanger and a 5-year guarantee on the other parts. AO Smith instant water heaters cost between $ 300 and $ 670.

Westinghouse instant water heater

You may have heard of a little company called Westinghouse. Westinghouse was founded the same year as Bosch in Pittsburgh and has been a popular household appliance name for over a century.

Westinghouse’s website has one of the EnergyStar instant water heaters, which measures energy coefficients up to 0.98. We also supply stainless steel heat exchangers for corrosion protection. Westinghouse water heaters are available in electric and gas versions. Electricity costs $ 350 to $ 1,650 and gas costs $ 875 to $ 2,000.

Eco-Smart instant water heater

Consumers can purchase Ecosmart instant water heaters in gas or electric versions. Although created by Rheem, they don’t offer Wi-Fi control or Wi-Fi adaptability. They offer both indoor and outdoor units. Professional installation is required to keep the warranty valid.

Many Ecosmart electrical products have a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, while gas models have a 12-year warranty. All other parts are usually guaranteed for 5 years. The gas version costs between $ 695 and $ 1,600 and the electric version costs between $ 425 and $ 725.

Takagi instant water heater costs

Takagi began manufacturing instant water heaters in the consumer electronics market about 20 years ago as a joint venture with AO Smith for 70 years. They only make gas-powered home models and don’t offer Wi-Fi control. However, it does offer a remote control with many models that can be used to control the temperature settings. The Takagi model is known for having the least amount of mechanical failure in its first decade of use. Takagi instant water heaters cost between $ 490 and $ 1,225.

Noritz water heater costs

Noritz has been making water heaters for over 60 years. The company makes its products in the US, but most of the water heaters are made outside of the US. This brand only offers gas or propane heaters 1. We don’t offer Wi-Fi-enabled products, but you can purchase an adapter for $ 100 to $ 150. The cost of water heaters without a tank is anywhere from $ 515 to $ 1,700.

Cost of the Bradford White instantaneous water heater

Bradford White instant water heaters are available in electric ($ 600 to $ 800) and gas ($ 1,000 to $ 1,500) models. Bradford White makes water heaters last longer than most companies. Because of their high performance, durability, and long life, they are usually the first choice for subcontractors.

Cost Rinnai water heater

Rinnai only produces gas water heaters. The website is the only laboratory accredited by the Canadian Standards Institute (CSA) and indicates that all products are approved by the American Standards Institute (ANSI). We also have an in-house support center that supports all products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rinnai instant water heaters are energy-efficient, Energy Star certified and most models have Wi-Fi capabilities. Expect around $ 900-1,995.

Navien instant Water Heater Cost

All Navien instant water heaters are gas-powered and have an Energy Star rating. The company was founded in Japan in 1978 but started manufacturing instant water heaters in 2006. The standard guarantee is 15 years on heat exchange parts that are only intended for circulation. In the case of uncontrolled/constant traffic, the guarantee is only 5 years. Other parts are guaranteed for 5 years. The cost of a Navien tankless water heater installation cost is $ 1,075 to $ 1,535.

Labor costs for installing a water heater

The average hourly wage for a plumber to complete the installation process is between $ 45 and $ 150 an hour, the average tariff is $ 85, installing an electric heater is 2-3 hours, and the workers alone are 90 up to $ 450. Gas heaters can last longer with labor costs of up to $ 1,200 and additional gas lines of $ 500. Additional costs include other materials required for installation (heat pump 2, water pump 3, pipes, etc.) and the costs associated with the permit. These can add $ 250 to $ 500 to the final cost.

If you need to open the wall, you need to include 44 drywall and finishing jobs that cost over $ 200. Most traditional water heaters are in the closet for easy access. Tankless models may need to add an access door nearby for quick repairs in the event of future problems. It may need to be installed by a carpenter for $ 70 an hour or a handyman for $ 100-300.

Instantaneous water heaters in cold climates may require additional installation work. First, you need to insulate the pipe entering the device. In northern climates with at least 6 feet of ventilation, tankless heaters also require adequate ventilation. The average labor cost for a water heater installed in cold climates is approximately $ 400. The total cost of the project for a tankless water heater in cold climates is approximately $ 1,400.

Cost of replacing the water heater with tankless

If you have a traditional water heater and want to upgrade to tankless it will likely cost a little more if you opt for a gas-powered unit. The water Heater Installation Cost of adding a gas line is a bit steep at $ 500. The real cost of installing a tankless electric water heater is roughly the same as a traditional water heater ($ 90-450) and the cost of installing gas, including adding a gas line, is approximately $ 1,700.Cost of replacing the water heater

Installation process

After selecting the unit and fuel type, the installer removes the old system, if any. The installation path is selected and prepared. This may include opening up walls and ceilings depending on where the pipe goes in the house and where the units are located. When using a single-point unit, the unit must be close enough to the place where the hot water is used for timely water supply. House-level units are more flexible.

Some appliances may require the gas lines to be routed in place, or an electrician may be required to upgrade the panel or move the appliance in place. In some cases, new piping may be required to accommodate the device. This means that the installation time interval can vary from 2 hours for electrical units to 7 or 8 hours for gas units that require new plumbing and updated piping.

Advantages of instantaneous water heaters

If you currently have a standard water heater, you may be wondering what the benefits of a tankless water heater are. Some advantages are smaller tankless units that take up less space, save up to 50% energy, have hot water when needed, and often last longer.

What are the downsides? The initial cost is generally higher than other options, there is no hot water left in the event of a power failure, and annual maintenance is required to prevent mineral build-up. Because the water is primarily cold, it may not work in cold climates and it will take time to warm up. In addition, tankless water dispensers do not have a tank that may require more units in large homes.

Hybrid instant water heater

The hybrid water heater, also known as the heat pump water heater 2, is the most expensive type of heater, but it is also the most efficient. This type of device consumes up to 63% less energy than a conventional water heater. According to Energy Star, a family of four can save about $ 330 a year in electricity bills with a hybrid drive. Since it has a tank for storing water, it functions as a conventional water heater for hours of frequent use, but it does not run continuously and is tankless unless a large amount of hot water is required at the same time.

It works as a system. The hybrid uses a compressor and a battery filled with refrigerant to heat the water in the tank with ambient air.

Note that if you live in a cold winter area this is not the right choice as it requires warm or at least calm air around the device for it to function properly year-round. You’re welcome. Hybrids are not a good substitute for gas units because the connections must be changed. It’s also a large unit that takes up a lot of space. It costs between $ 1,000 and $ 3,500. A major advantage is the expected lifespan of 13-15 years.

Tankless water heater with cold climate

In cold climates, where the outside temperature is below freezing, it is more difficult for heating systems to provide the hot water required for the house. Consumers in cold climates need tankless water dispensers for natural gas or oil, as the electric type does not work very efficiently at sub-zero temperatures. Another feature of instantaneous water heaters is the higher flow unit.

Most households use water heaters with a flow rate of 4 to 5 gallons per minute. However, families with northern climates should choose a model with a flow rate of 6.5 to 8.5 gallons per minute. On average, tankless gas water heater installation costs $ 800 to $ 2,000 in cold climates.

The energy efficiency of instantaneous water heaters

There is no doubt that instant water heaters save energy and this means economic savings for consumers. But how much can customers save? Will there be a difference in savings if I buy an Energy Star stove? And which is the most efficient?

The efficiency of the instantaneous water heater without natural gas

Natural gas water heaters are the cheapest option, costing about $ 200 a year. This type of heating is powered by the city’s electricity grid. The acquisition cost of a heater is higher than that of electricity, but it saves operating costs.

The efficiency of the propane water heater

Running a tankless propane-1 water system costs about $ 350 per year. Propane is a cleaner and more efficient fuel that makes it environmentally friendly. Most heaters, however, are not immediately offered as propane but can be customized for it.

Traditional water heater efficiency

Buying a traditional water heater can be cheaper than a tankless water heater, but at significantly higher operating costs. Traditional electric water heaters cost $ 450 per year and traditional gas heaters cost $ 275 per year.

The efficiency of the tankless electric water heater

When buying a tankless electric water heater, the initial cost is generally lower, but the overall savings are also lower. The electrical unit costs about three times more than the gas unit and costs $ 600 per year. Gas and propane require fuel lines, which can reduce the installation of electrical units.

Additional considerations and costs

Additional Resource: Some tankless systems are also incompatible with the location and configuration of older storage tank designs. This may require remodeling and additional materials such as insulation and piping. The retail price of these materials is approximately $ 10 per foot6.

Water heater configuration. Some electrical systems and configurations may need to be updated to meet the voltage requirements of new electrical tankless systems. While not always required, it is a potential cost and should consider the cost of materials and electricians ($ 40 to $ 100 per hour).

Remove the current system. Another problem to consider is the cost of removing and disposing of existing water heaters. This can be over $ 500 depending on the region.

DO IT YOURSELF. There are many reasons why installing a water heater is not considered a home improvement project for the average homeowner. For example, the high voltage (240 volts) of the device, the possibility of gas piping in a propane gas system 1, and the permits required in some countries are licensed and insured professionals. Requires experience.

Approval. All jurisdictions are different. Given the laws and regulations of various cities, counties, and municipalities, approval may be required to start this project. Many jurisdictions view installing new and replacement water heaters as a different type of job (ie one requires a permit and the other does not. There is one). You need to take this into account to keep the project on the board.

Energy and cost savings. According to the Chicago Tribune, the average annual cost savings for water heaters compared to traditional tank farms is about $ 116 per year. Instantaneous water heaters are objectively more energy-efficient than conventional water heaters.

Duration. Another important aspect of Water Heater Installation Cost is the expected lifespan of the device. Traditional water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years, but most tankless devices are expected to last more than 20 years.

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